Located at the hilly terrains of the northern part of India and at the bank of river Ganga,Haridwar falls under the climatic conditions of the western part of the Himalayas. The temperature generally remains pleasant during the daytime and its comparatively cold during night.
The place mainly experiences three seasons- Summer, Monsoon and Winter.

Summer Season

The summer season ranges from March to June. During this time
the temperature ranges from 20 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius. Sometimes the
nights are very pleasant with temperature as low at 16 degrees Celsius during nights.
The pilgrims prefer this time of the year to take a dip in the Holy Ganges river.

Monsoon Season

Haridwar witnesses a heavy rainfall during its monsoon season
which ranges from July to September. During August, the town experiences the highest amount of rainfall. The water level of the river Ganga rises considerably and takes an unsafe turn during this time and it is advisable not to take a dip into the river during

Winter Season

The winter months in Haridwar ranges from October to February.
Mercury dips as low as 4 degree Celsius during the winter months. The Ganges water is
chilly during this time and a blanket of fog surrounds the area mostly during morning
and night.